2013 Ford Taurus SHO To Get Horsepower Bump?


The 2010 Taurus SHO. Photo: IFCAR
Ford welcomed Taurus SHO owners to Dearborn, MI last week for the 19th annual Taurus SHO convention. Taurus SHO enthusiasts tend to be an opinionated bunch, and apparently the 2011 model has been met with scorn by SHO purists. It’s bigger, it’s softer, it’s AWD and Ford is calling it the “show”, not the S.H.O. None of these things sit well with SHO loyalists.

Ford listens to it’s customers, and is adopting an old-fashioned approach to keep car guys interested in the new SHO: when all else fails, add more horsepower. Autoblog quoted Steve LIng, Ford’s North American marketing manger for cars, as follows:
The SHO is at the top [of Ford's sedan offerings for enthusiasts] and we’re going to keep it there; 365 horsepower is good, 400 is better.”
Ford is rumored to be working on a 400 horsepower EcoBoost V6 for the new F150, so it’s likely that the same motor will be retuned for use in the next version of the Taurus SHO. More horsepower is never a bad thing, but let’s hope we can get Ford to start calling the car the S.H.O again.

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