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2011 Ford Focus Side View  
When Ford CEO Alan Mulally to take significant credit in 2007, with the entire company, such as security, it looked like a desperate move by vehicle to the rope. Come 2009, Mulally began to look like a genius.
Thank you for all loans, Ford does not need to ask the government for a loan or file bankruptcy, and therefore did not get the public ridicule that rival cities have done. In addition to public relations victory, Ford's main beneficiaries of the program "scrappage" (Ford, in particular, the explorers in the 90s, is one of the most common trade ins, and C4C). And with products at the right time, such as the F-150 2009 Fusion and 2010, sales fell more slowly than the overall market and the Blue Oval ended in 2009, a larger market share.
Waiting (and after the launch of the Fiesta), Ford's product line is enough to build a victory in 2009. Click the link to the following pages highlight all the cooking 2011th Dearborn
2012 Ford Focus Let's Get Small: Ford B-and C-car numbers for the Next Big Thing, while crossover Replace Trucks (more)
The test covers all the angles, when Ford launched the Ford Focus in 2012, a year before selling. "I do not know when to lift the pen," said an analyst. "The Cruze is the toast" to deal with reporters. Yes, well, everything rings true. Jewellike '12 Focus sedan car, and I have a lot of side-lining the course.
If the North American Focus Focus reconverge EU, you can opt for a four-door hatchback or a funky four-door luxury sedan, which recently found two of the 2010 Detroit show a high level of Titanium finish, of both middle-Fusion band stamp price. Ford settles quickly into the small end of the range, two body styles are also Focus and Fiesta. In the early show will almost certainly fall 2010 Focus mediocre sales.
Ford also gave an overview of the "rat" in sync, the simple four-button switch. This package is part entertainment, expanded recently, and called MyFord MyLincoln, which is a high resolution display of eight-inch in the center console, and MiFi WiFi (when the park), enhanced voice control, audio system, Sony brand, and two USB port, and three RCA, an SD card slot. Reboot, and training.

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