Acura Integra - The Perfect Luxury Car

Most of the individuals who are looking forward to buy Acura Integra are generally drawn towards this specific car for two particular reasons i.e. the car has a luxurious sports appeal and yet comes at an affordable price. Integra is the car which was initially able to draw a large number of customers towards the Acura brand and thus making the luxury cars wing of Honda extremely successful worldwide.

Designing strategy:
Most of the people believe that the dramatic design of Acura Integra has been greatly inspired from  Honda's earlier version of luxury sedan i.e. Civic. Acura Integra was dramatically redesigned in 1994 and possessed several new features, such as dual air bags, compact Integra 2-door hatchback coupe and another 4-door notchback. When the car was first launched in 1987, it was surrounded with a lot of frenzy and hype. Needless to say, after several modifications and years, this car has been able to prove its worth.

Acura Integra is a highly successful car today which comes in several models and versions. Some of the most prominent Acura Integra models can be defined on three levels i.e. base RS, luxury LS and the sporty GS-R. All the Acura Integra models comprise of 4-wheel disc brakes. However, the feature of anti-lock braking is available only in luxury LS and sporty GS-R.

How much would it cost?
One of the main reasons which led Acura Integra to become an immensely successful phenomenon was its apt pricing. Acura Integra price was based on several strategies in a bid to make it successful in the market. Although this car fell under the luxury section, its price was set several thousand dollars lower than the standard $25,000 which was being charged for other luxury cars.
This apt pricing has even led some car enthusiasts to name Acura Integra as a car which instead of being called a luxury car can more prominently be known as a car which is well-equipped, easy-to-tune, fun-to-drive and better qualifies as a sports coupe.

In terms of its performance, Acura Integra is fitted with pretty decent features, such as standard air conditioning and a 195 horsepower engine. A standard model of Acura Integra comes pre equipped with a standard antitheft engine immobilizer and 100,000- mile tune-up intervals.
Acura Integra is an apt car for individuals who are looking forward to a car which is better engineered, comes from the family of prestigious Honda, is aptly priced yet gives them the status of a luxury sports car.

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