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Cadillac History:
Founded in 1902 as Cadillac Automobile Company was purchased by General Motors and thirty years later had become a symbol of the high standard of luxury. Cadillac became a pioneer in automotive technology as several cars completely closed, and the automatic start replacing the old cranks and uncomfortable. During the First World War, the Cadillac aircraft engines had a technical, paying them 100% of its production capacity. In the year 1924 the Cadillac company offered a lot of color and chrome paintings, while other automakers offered only in black. In this decade, the automaker innovates once again by becoming the first company in the industry to use a designer, Harley Earl, in place of an engineer to design the bodywork of their Cadillac cars in 1927. The following year, GM has also incorporated two major companies producing car bodies for exclusive CADILLAC, Fisher and Fleetwood, which contributed greatly to the improvement of the line brand automobiles. In fact the methods of precision created by Leland, associated with pioneering the use of advanced technologies has created an image of quality and reliability around the brand Cadillac. Another factor that has contributed to increase the prestige of the brand was the fact that it has become the preferred artistic emerging class of Hollywood of the 20s onwards. The image of that era artists like Clara Bow, William Boyd, Joan Crowcroft, Dolores Del Rio and Marlene Dietrich, reaching in CADILLAC cars in the "Avant Premiere" of his films ended lending the brand a lot of "Glamour" the Hollywood of those years. Other classes also have embraced the brand's models were the heads of state, members of the nobility, magnates, artists and intellectuals from other areas renowned.

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