Ford Losis Car

Ford Losis Concept CarThe Iosis, whose name is an alchemic term referring to the final stage of the transformation of base metal into gold. The Iosis is a concept study which develops some ideas expressed by the SAV concept, embodies all the elements of the future design of European Fords.

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Have the inverted trapezoid motif is echoed throughout the exterior and interior of iosis: it is also featured in the 20-inch wheels, milled from solid aluminium billets, with contrasting polished and anodised finish that accentuates 3-D design. Another recurring design theme is the kick-up in the DLO at the ‘C' post, which is echoed in the headlamp design. The ridge then continues along the ‘A' post and cant rail before terminating in the cat's eye style rear light clusters. The concept car have the doors swung open, and the car interior provide the ultra modern steering wheel is fashioned from solid aluminium with contrasting orange glove leather grips and a black leather airbag pad. via carbodydesign.

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