2012 BMW X6 and 2012 BMW X6 Active Hybrid Concept

The new 2012 BMW X6 M is a very special high-performance automobile. It combines the raised seating position of a BMW X model with the outstanding power and dynamics of a BMW M sports car. Fully painted front, rear and side surfaces create a strong visual link to the road, so the car seems to hug the tarmac even more closely than its 10 mm lower stance would already suggest. It’s styling that clearly conveys exceptional on-road qualities.

2012 BMW X6

The steeply raked front windscreen  in fl uid interplay with the sharply sloping roofl ine creates a coupĂ©-like appearance. The swage line rises towards the rear and, together with the sill line that runs parallel to the road surface, creates a dynamic wedge shape. This lends the BMW X6 M a sporty, agile stance despite its high rear . The M gill element  is a typical design feature of the BMW M models, integrating the side indicator
and the M logo. 20-inch light-alloy rims with mixed tyres add striking highlights with their high-gloss fi nish and rim wells in a contrasting colour.

2012 BMW X6

Comparison leaves no doubt: the BMW X6 M distinctly road-oriented. Features that provide off-road protection on BMW X models – black plastic surfaces on the front apron, wheel arches and side sills are not to be found on the BMW X6 M and BMW X5 M. Instead, these vehicles come in all-over body colouring, enhancing their premium quality and accentuating their sporty on-road character.

he powerful, sporty design of the BMW X5 M conveys functionality and versatility in an exclusive form. Thanks to its more upright proportions (compared with the BMW X6 M), generous glazing and long roofl ine, the impressive versatility of the BMW X5 M is instantly recognisable. The vehicle body is painted all over, which also visually underscores the model’s perfectly resolved on-road characteristics. The independent design of rear displays hallmark horizontal lines that ensure an authoritative look and emphasise the width.

The front windscreen  is steeper than that of the BMW X6 M. The large rear window area and the upright D-pillars illustrate the considerable versatility of the interior. Many parallel lines lend the rear a calm visual aspect and emphasise the vehicle’s width. The rear apron and the twin tailpipes have a more discreet
design compared with the BMW X6 M. The M gill element creates a powerful impression and also has an integrated side indicator function. The 20-inch light-alloy rims with mixed tyres feature the typical M V-spoke design adapted to the character of a Sports Activity Vehicle.

2012 BMW X6 Active Hybrid Concept

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