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                              2011 Chrysler 300C Drivers Side
Chrysler is on a mission to upgrade the line speeds up from birth, from bankruptcy last year, Chrysler 300C is one of the most significant cars in the group indexed refreshing. Almost ready to launch its 2011 models, new Chrysler 300C explored recently by our photographers to send in demo form. Quite honestly to the public for the first time, we can finally see the small details that distinguish the new century.
Changes, as expected, are mostly 300C end of 2011, with the same midsection we're seeing, because the application of the car early last decade. New releases kick off Chrysler emblem, the winged symbol of a long and streamlined in relation to the current object. The look is very chic. New projector-beam headlights were redesigned and improved LED lighting strips, but the front grille and bumpers, as well as Chrysler styling department. Rectangular air vents in the front are chrome-trimmed house and a new round foglights. While the cover is lifted, the median larger and bold vision more rounded.
Come back, tail light design is the most obvious change for both refurbished and decorated with chrome trim accents running down the middle and around the perimeter. chrome tail lights are also the same bridge that leads from his position at the top of a redesigned rear bumper and dual exhaust tips. The trunklid incorporate new tab subtly curved element in improving sports and restyled 300C badge.
Although the style of 2011 Chrysler 300C can finally be revealed in us, but we can only imagine the rest of the changes. We know that the car is, like most Chrysler lineup for 2011, received Star Pent new 3.6-liter V-6 engine, but in order to gain power, is still in the air. Furthermore, we expect the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 will be optional, but what that change may have gotten to be determined. It is the SRT8 version make a comeback, possibly with the new Dodge Challenger 470 hp, 392 cubic inch Hemi V-8? Stay tuned to Motor Trend for the answers.

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