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Hyundai Sonata Wagon Spyshot Front View  
Hyundai i40 Wagon, Sonata first production test, in southern Europe at this time seemed to go on is what we version the second sample.
This is evident from a sports car prototype hybrid sedan Sonata day running at the beginning of LED lighting. Even less than that of hybrid sedan is known for heavy dashes.
Think a four door and windows with front headlights, chrome bar to the way the transfer wagon was removed. Heavy coating back of our plan to see a lot of stops, because a Hyundai sedan on the car scene through the area, but tried to inject more dependence. With Sonata in cockpit design looks like a U.S. spec.
We say we believe the U.S. can not Sonata wagon do not want to, but it is not that we did not already understand that Lexus and Hyundai as a competitor Mustang beater. Besides all that, the sound of Korean car models are more versions Sonata lineup, is possible. U.S. car Sonata, Elantra drivers to visit a good upgrade if indeed.

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